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What equipment you need:

To perform a motion capture with our software you need :

- at least 2 webcams (Res. 640*480, 30fps)

- a computer (or more, prefer RJ45 and switch for several computers, we need a low ping for real time)

- a total black outfit (trousers, sweat, hood)

- white ping pong balls or something comparable.

- a black room or large pieces of dark tissue

- printing of a chessboard

Equipment setup:

Your cams must see only the dark part of the room. Try not to place them at the same height and orient them differently.

For the light, we used softened light (from the cloudy sky). Avoid direct light like spots or neons. Try to have homogeneous light.

Software handling:

First of all you need to register the proxytrans.ax file by typing in a console : regsvr32 proxytrans.ax in the directory of this file.

There are 2 phasis : Calibration and Motion Capture itself.


Launch CalibrServer on the server computer, and CalibrClient on the others. Then folow the instructions of calibration.

Once this step done, DON'T MOVE THE CAMS (or you'll have to re-calibrate).

Motion Capture:

Launch CheapMocapServer and a CheapMocapClient per cam (prefer copying the executable and calibration files in separate folder on one computer if it uses more than 1 cam) on concerned computers. Start to ask for the calibration settings with "C". You should see an OpenGL window appear. You already can move in the scene with arrow keys and the mouse.

On server, then launch camera initialisation with "I". On Clients, setup the cams and stop all automaticall stuff. Set fps to 30. Close the 2 settings windows.

Now, it's time for clients to set the threshold and errosion values. Use the cursors to do so. You need to see only the white spots corresponding to the balls (any other white pixel would disturb all the computing).

Final part for the client : spots initialisation. On the real image, click on each ball you see (in the same order if possible) and hit "Enter". When all clients are done, hit "S" on server to start capturing. And now you can see the balls moving in the openGL window.